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Ultrasonic Cleaner Solutions

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Custom Ultrasonic Cleaners​

Ultrasonic cleaners are fitted with transducers attached to the bottom of a tank filled with the cleaning solution.

Transducers create vibrations at high frequencies measured in thousands of cycles per second (kHz) and send sound waves through the cleaning solution. These waves produce millions of tiny vacuum-filled bubbles that shoot out powerful jets of liquid when they implode.

The force of the implosions, called cavitation action, breaks the bond between the
contamination and the part being cleaned. The process is tough enough for engine heads, valves and carburettors, but gentle enough for electronics and surgical instruments

Most ultrasonic cleaners operate between 35 and 45 kHz. This frequency range is well suited to the vast majority of cleaning tasks.

CREST Benchtop Range

CREST Benchtop Units are leaders in the precision ultrasonic cleaning industry. Our ultrasonic technology has been used successfully in both aqueous and solvent systems, which serve a wide variety of cleaning applications from rugged industrial to critically precise.

That same high-performance technology has been transferred to our new line of Powersonic™ Tabletop cleaners, which provide significant industrial strength and quality at a tabletop price.

Ranging from 2-26L in capacity these units are ideal for use in Carburetor, Medical, Dental, Laboratory and Jewellery cleaning industries, as well as other small parts cleaning applications.

ULTRATECNO Industrial Range

Our unique Digital & Synchronized Generators and Transducers deliver to the market the most efficient cavitation, resulting in a micro-brushing/blasting phenomenon for best performance on the hardest cleaning applications in Industry.

UltraTecno Green Label features provide up to 45% reduction in running costs (electricity, water and detergent) in comparison with standard ultrasonic cleaners. This can mean up to AUD$192,000.00 savings for a 1000 litre size machine during its lifetime.

Ultratecno machines are the most efficient ultrasonic cleaning systems for industry.

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